Haraldos Stunt Brothers Fantasy Show!

Are you drawn by elegance, nobility and beauty of Spanish horses? Do you want to see for yourself the excellent riding and stunt performances in connection to beautiful music and fantastic costumes? Well-known group Haraldos Stunt Brother will present itself in performances during Accompanying program on FOR HORSE Fair and in the grandiose "FANTASY SHOW".

This riding group will celebrate its quarter of the century of existence and belongs to one of the first riding groups in the Czech Republic that started with jousting tournaments. Throughout the years they had collected priceless experience in both home and foreign arenas, their performace could admire viewers all around the world. A large number of fans resides in Germany, where the group presented itself to the public on may prestigious events, including Apassionata. One of their greatest achievements from recent time is without a doubt participation in a world-class riding show "TORY - THE EPIC HORSE SHOW" 2018 in China, where one of the forerunners of the group, Mr. Michal Bednář, performed in a leading role. This show is being considered by Las Vegas. Another great accomplishment of this "brotherhood" was participation in the World Championship of stunt riding in Moscow, where representants from Haraldos based on their fantastic performance ranked amongst the world elite and gained a number of rankings.

The members of the group for their work prefer the horses from the Pura Raza Española (PRE) breed, whose bravery, finess, excelent motion and natural balance, not to mention their looks,  makes them ideal horses for shows. Some of them even became famous film stars. They acted in hollywood production movies: A Knight's Tale, Narnia, Knight Fall or Medieval (2019). Czech movie creators have also starred them in movies like Báthory, Crown Prince (Korunní princ), Musicians (Muzikanti) and many more. 

Members of the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group will present themselves during the fours days of FOR HORSE Fair multiple times, but the biggest part will be during the Night Horse Show. Their performance is a beautiful combination of artistry and sports. You can convince yourselves at Friday the 5th of April 2019 and Saturday the 6th of April 2019, starting at 19:30. Don't miss this magnificient spectacle!