In a rythm of Fiery Flamenco

Flamenco dance symbolizes a fascinating performance full of passion, tenderness and elefance, but also hate and defiance. It can be a symphony of rythm and pure joy from life, but can also be a well of the deepest melancholy. It is a mix of all of human emotions. A blend of dance and song with a virtuose play on guittar and a surface for a rich history of the Iberian peninsula. 

Flamenco is a integral part of the iberian culture as well as Spanish horses. One cannot be without the other. It is no accident that the rythm of flamenco is in perfect harmony with a rythm of a good step and gallop of a Spanish horse.

Thankfully to the company ASALTEE, visitors to the FOR HORSE Fair can enjoy this unique experience during a joint show by a well-known flamenco dancer Denisa de Gregori, who lately portraited the role of Carmen in Slovakian National theater, and four horses of the Pura Raza Espanola breed, ridden by Veronika Živnová, Eliška Šmedková, Pavla Sokolová and Jiří Sokol. Together, they will interpret the beautiful ambiance of typical Spanish celebration, where women and girls, dressed in colorful dresses with wide flare skirts and with flowers in their hair, dance in the streets and with their joy from life and spontaneity are able to enchant and charm every viewer. We belive that the same experience will grasp our visitors of Fair.