"Diablo" - a Horse with two faces

The term "dressage" is these days well known to even non-riding public. It indicates one of the basic and essential riding disciplines, which has their exact rules and procedures and which requires specific equipment from both the horse and the rider. Do you think that it is possible to participate in dressage on a Middle and High level even without the prescribed equiment, namely a horse without a saddle or a bridle? Answer will be availibe to all the visitors of this years' FOR HORSE in a performance by a duo Petra Wiktoria Zemanová and Diablo. We asked this dressage rider a couple of questions:


When and how did You get to horses?

I was drawn to horses since I was little, even though I wasn't raised in "a horse family". As many riders I have passed through many clubs and stables, where I usually realized that this is not the road for me.

Where did You found inspiration?

I have met an excellent trainer Míša Nágrová, which showed me the proper beauty of dressage and taught me a lot. Since that moment, I knew which equestrian way I want to go. She taught me important basics and when the time was right, she became my advisor when I got my first horse.

The last four years, I have been cooperating with Angel Cid from Spain, who's courses here in Czech Republic are organized by Veronika Živnová. Every time I go home filled with energy and new inspiration for new work.

But I always try to have my eyes and mind open and to gain inspiration from other sources and to take whats best from every method. 

What sort of work do You enjoy the most with horses?

As I said, it's dressage. It symbolizes partnership, cooperation, a dance of a human and a horse. Rider has to be precies, realizing not only their own, but the horses body as well and to be able to communicate with their partner through the most delicate means.

That is also why it is a great challenge and a goal for me to take classic dressage, but without the saddle and the brine and give the horse an opportunity to lead an open dialog with me.

How do You pick Your partners?

I think my horses picked me than other way around :)

What successes do you value the most in Your career?

I am happy with every little progress that we will achieve with our horse.

Horse racing has never enticed me, but I liked the idea of No brine association, which was founded last year and gives the riders and horses the ability to race without the brine, so we participated in a last years' Czech Championship. First time that we went abroad and joined the international championship without brine, we reached third place. 

Do or did You have in Your life a horse that You can truly call Your fateful?

My life-changing horse was without a doubt my first Frisian mare Rimke de Beleerd. I fell in love with her almost instantly and we had some wanderful moments together. She wasn't easy to handle, but she taught me much and she will be forever my first dream horse.

At this moment I am very lucky to have my little Devil, who is wonderfully hardworking and willing to try every whim I have.

What did You prepare for our audience of FOR HORSE 2019?

The visitors can see Diablo and me in both the daily accompanying program and the Night Horse Show. We will perform a dressage without the saddle and the brine and more examples of free riding.