Michal Bednář - a star of FOR HORSE SHOW

How a boy from a small South Moravian village became a star of a world-class equestrian shows? What is his look at a life with horses and working with them? All that You can read in an interview with Mr. Michal Bednář, a member of the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group and a main star of the Night Horse Show.

When and how did You get to horses?

You could say I was with horses since birth. I come from "a horse fammily", both of my parents were teaching me how to work with these magnificient animals since I was little and both are a great inspiration from me until today. When I reminiscend, I remember one of my first memories being a little bit of a rough ride in a woods on our breeding stallion Tým (2759 Tým, WPBr), which started good, but somehow went astray and I ended up with a broken collar bone. I was five years old.

What sort of work do You enjoy the most with horses?

Just a few years back I would give a straight answer: stunts. It is a form with a lot of adrenalin, you get close to the "edge", testing your capabilities and those of the horse and you will learn the proper technique of falling. This was always a welcomed challenge for me. In the last few years though I have moved further annd now I am fullfiled by "work with a horse without words", where both me and the horse compose one harmonious unit, we listen to each other and our thoughts are connected. It is truly a wonderous feeling.

Where did You found inspiration?

The best inspiration for me are the horses themselves. To watch and learn from them is simply astonishing. Throughout my life I have met many interesting and inspiring people, but I was propably most influenced by Jean Francois Pignon, who with his horses managed to build an incredibly strong relationship, who loves his horses and they are in return willing to fullfil his every wish. The same is my goal.

How do You pick Your partners?

I am unsure if I have any specific criteria for my selecton or even if it is myself who choses the horse. I think it s more a matter of feelin, my own and my horse opposite, which we gain during our first meeting. We just look at each other and immediately know that the other one is the "partner" we were waiting for. Horses are similarily to people very individualistic and I have not met a horse in my life with whom I could not connect and work. 

What successes do you value the most in Your career?

I think I should mention here TROY - THE EPIC HORSE SHOW in China, about the great resoluts in the World Championship in Trick riding in Moscow, my work in Germany or the taping of many interesting movies. But my biggest reward is that I can do what I love the most, that I can give happiness to people during my performances and to fullfil their and my dreams and who know, maybe even inspire someone.


Do or did You have in Your life a horse that You can truly call Your fateful?

For me, every horse I gave a portion of my heart and my life important and I truly cannot pick just one. I would rather say that I had a long line of "fateful" horses. I learned something from each of them and each was my partner and friend.

What did You prepare for our audience of FOR HORSE 2019?

We are part of the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group and on FOR HORSE Fair we will present ourselves both during the daily accompanying program and at the NIGHT SHOW. Our group has a lot of great stuntspeople, who will present the essential stunt work to the audience, but also advanced acrobatics in a manner of difficult trics, such as "Jigitovka" (a style of trick riding originating in Caucausus and South Russian/Ukrainian steppes). Exclusively for the NIGHT SHOW we prepared a show full of action, fights and pyrotechnics, which is in its core a love story about a Thunder Spirit's love with a human woman, which one day falls in danger and he descends from the heavens to protect her. How will the story end? Come and see for yourself on the FOR HORSE Fair. We are looking forward to perform for you.