Stunning riding skills, fiery temper in combination with excellent controll, series of quick maneuverings with roots in cattle herding. That is the basic characteristic of this originally work discipline which allows the rider to fill his daily responsibilities from a horseback at a cattle ranch. The rider can be a cattle rancher or hired cowboy who spends hours in the saddle and uses a garrocha, a long wooden stick used for herding cattle, its separating or dropping individual pieces. In its sporting form, Doma Vaquera is a very difficult test for both the horse and the rider.

This still living style of riding a horse will be presented to the visitors of FOR HORSE Fair by the Sokols from Ranč Sokolí hnízdo (Falcon's nest ranch) in Lukavec with two studs from the Pura Raza Espanola breed of Czech proviniency which we asked to tell us a bit more in the following interview.

When and how did You get to horses?

Neither of us comes from a horse family but both of us used to hang around horses since childhood and then we visited a horse riding group together in SZTŠ in Nový Jičín. After that each of us got a horse of their own and tried to fullfil our dreams. Jirka was a western rider and roamed countryside with his horse while I tried racing. Then life brought us back together and we fell under the spell of Andalusian horses. 

What sort of work do You enjoy the most with horses?

Every minute spend with our horses is full of fun. We always try for our horses to be well rounded and capable partners, we enjoy classic dressage work with saddles or just games without, we love long rides and longer, multiple day trips. The important part is that every piece of work, every activity brings us happiness and that our horses are happy as well.

Where did You found inspiration?

In the beginning in books. The past couple of years we were lucky with some great people who understand horses and know how to transfer their knowledge. After we got our two youg PRE studs, fate sent us a great person Angel Cida Camás who inspires us by his riding profeciency and spanish equestrian tradition and culture. Another person who greatly helped us with undestanding of the human-horse relationship is Fred Bednář who keeps inspiring us during training from the earth and the saddle.

How do You pick Your partners?

Generally, each horse is unique and has his potential. But we just like iberian horses, their temperament, spark, intelligence and sensation.

What successes do you value the most in Your career?

Neither of us goes for an equestrian career. We are happy with each small achievement. One of our classical riding idols, Nuno Oliviera, said, that the art of riding is when a horse and a rider becomes one. That is the pinnacle of our effort.

Do or did You have in Your life a horse that You can truly call Your fateful?

We cannot name one, each horse was or is unique in a way and left a great mark on our hearts.

What did You prepare for our audience of FOR HORSE 2019?

We would want to present the Iberian culture using music, dance and working with horses for every visitor of FOR HORSE.