Dressage quadrille of hafling horses

Hafling breeding from Studnička couple of Vrchovany is specialized at breeding "original Haflinger Tirol".

Essential herd is approximately 40 horses.

Dressage quadrille will introduce four mares from the acceleration program participating in both breeding and sport events. Presented among them is a stud Arcane after a breeding stud Avalon from a breeding stock of the Studnička couple. Arcane became a silver medallist in European Hafling Champions 2018 in young horses' dressage. This year he became a winner in young horses' dressage at Hafling Championship in Pardubice and Czech Champion of young horses. Second stud Newcomer won a championship title in  combined disciplines in Hafling Championship in Pardubice and won its category on the International show in Pardubice.

Six riders will perform at FOR HORSE in Letňany, same riders will represent Haflinger center Vrchovany at official sport events in 2020 and will fulfill its qualifications for European Hafling Championship which will take place in 2021