Evening FOR HORSE SHOW will not take place this year

Mini – Maxi

In a second year of evening FOR HORSE SHOW an improvised competition Mini - Maxi will take place. This type of a competition will be presented by members of the North Czech Riding stabels Libverda Petr Koželuh and Barbora Kmochová. Both have many years of experience from parkour and Mini - Maxi competitions. They participated in the Czech Championship in jumping in women, single and team categories. 

Petrh Koželuh is also a trainer, builder of 1st class, main referee for Essential riding training. A great achievement was a 3rd place on international race in Carlsbad. Officially his highest jump in Mini - Maxi is 2 meters. He will present one of his own horses during the evening FOR HORSE SHOW.

Barbora Kmochová has her own training license and with her horse Coudy (CitadelaXCool Paradise) currently reaches parkour effeciency of ST** level. Her achievments are among others a victory in local championship and good placements in Czech Championship. She also regularly participates in mini - max at Riding festival or in Liberec. She has a current jump of 174 cm and will present her aforementioned horse Coudy, which she raises since foal.



Jumping qudarille of halfinger horses of Sixta Farm

Sixta Farm had been focused on breeding sport horses since its beginning. Since 2005 a very successful halfinger breed had been added to breeding warmblood horses - halfinger mares have achieved multiple victories and placements in both in-hand disciplines as well as in jumping competitions, both home and abroad. In jumping quadrille you will have the opportunity to see among others national champions of the breed, a winner of the world halter halfinger show or silver medallist of teams from the last Europe halfinger breed Championship.




Dressage quadrille of hafling horses

Hafling breeding from Studnička couple of Vrchovany is specialized at breeding "original Haflinger Tirol".

Essential herd is approximately 40 horses.

Dressage quadrille will introduce four mares from the acceleration program participating in both breeding and sport events. Presented among them is a stud Arcane after a breeding stud Avalon from a breeding stock of the Studnička couple. Arcane became a silver medallist in European Hafling Champions 2018 in young horses' dressage. This year he became a winner in young horses' dressage at Hafling Championship in Pardubice and Czech Champion of young horses. Second stud Newcomer won a championship title in  combined disciplines in Hafling Championship in Pardubice and won its category on the International show in Pardubice.

Six riders will perform at FOR HORSE in Letňany, same riders will represent Haflinger center Vrchovany at official sport events in 2020 and will fulfill its qualifications for European Hafling Championship which will take place in 2021 


Enter the unique world of communication and communion between a man and a horse, based on gentleness, respect and a deep understanding of a horse's mind.  Miron will show us how exceptional and strong can be a bond between a person and a horse, how enriching it can be and all the visitors of FOR HORSE 2020 will see what a horse is willing to do for a person that listens to it.








A DAMME AND A CAVALIER in the Evening Show

Multiple winners of Czech republic in Pas des Deux, Ivana Nováková and Lukáš Žákovčík will be performing at the evening FOR HORSE SHOW.

Program FOR HORSE SHOW 2020


Enter the unique world of communication and communion between a man and a horse, based on gentleness, respect and a deep understanding of a horse's mind.  Miron will show us how exceptional and strong can be a bond between a person and a horse, how enriching it can be and all the visitors of FOR HORSE 2020 will see what a horse is willing to do for a person that listens to it.


You can look forward to breathtaking dressage of Hana Vašáryová at the evening FOR HORSE SHOW 2020

Our sucessful foremost dressage rider had won the Czech Championship three times, Czech Dressage Cup three times, became the Rider of the Year three times and was the overall winner of Pavo Riding Cup also three times.


Beauty of the cold-blooded horses from National Studs of Písek and Tlumačov



Come see a thrilling story taking taking place in a kindgom Far Far Away....

Can Shrek fulfill Fiona's dream to be beautiful and change himself too? Will the once again defeat the wicked Fairy Godmother and prince Charming?


A combined performane of Police of Czech Republic and the Municipal Prague Police full of fire and pyrotechnics.



Top-notch dressage


Ivana Nováková and Lukáš Zákovčík

Multiple Chapmions of Czech Republic in Pas des Deux



More to be announced

Police in action

A combined performane of Police of Czech Republic and the Municipal Prague Police full of fire and pyrotechnics.

National Studs Písek a Tlumačov

Evening FOR HORSE SHOW will include performances by the cold-blooded horses from National Studs of Písek and Tlumačov.




Sepík in Hollywood or Shrek is back

Come see a thrilling story taking taking place in a kindgom Far Far Away....

Can Shrek fulfill Fiona's dream to be beautiful and change himself too? Will the once again defeat the wicked Fairy Godmother and prince Charming?


Come see at evening FOR HORSE SHOW.

Hana Vašáryová again at the FOR HORSE SHOW!

You can look forward to breathtaking dressage of Hana Vašáryová at the evening FOR HORSE SHOW 2020

Our sucessful foremost dressage rider had won the Czech Championship three times, Czech Dressage Cup three times, became the Rider of the Year three times and was the winner of Pavo Riding Cup also three times.

Miron Bococi at FOR HORSE SHOW

Born in Maramures, Romania, Miron Bococi had lived in Barcelona 15 years ago. He began to work on training foals and preparing and re-educating horses. Few years ago he decided to show his work as a show to demonstrate that connecting and communicating with a horse is not only possible but it is also tremendously beautiful. Now, he will show his craft about how unique can a bond between a human and a horse be, how can they enrich each other, to all visitors of FOR HORSE 2020.

 All this communication is based on the subtlety, respect and deep knowledge of the horse's mind. We (humans) are the ones who travel to the horse’s world and this experience makes us understand not only how they communicate, but also how they think and how they feel. This is not a simple trip and only with great humility and patience the horse will reveal its secrets. 

You can see his performance during both the accompanying program and the evening FOR HORSE SHOW



The Novotnys and NOVUS ORIGO

Fairy tale-like show about an ancient fight of Good and Evil. Small fairy will face a fiery villain. Can the queen of fairies save her with help of the good light? And what will happen with a flaming savage? You can see for yourself in the Night Horse Show in a segment from Mr. and Ms. Novotnys, their friesian gems and a Novus Orgo group. A show full of fire, light and pyrotechnics.


Stunning riding skills, fiery temper in combination with excellent controll, series of quick maneuverings with roots in cattle herding. That is the basic characteristic of this originally work discipline which allows the rider to fill his daily responsibilities from a horseback at a cattle ranch. The rider can be a cattle rancher or hired cowboy who spends hours in the saddle and uses a garrocha, a long wooden stick used for herding cattle, its separating or dropping individual pieces. In its sporting form, Doma Vaquera is a very difficult test for both the horse and the rider.

This still living style of riding a horse will be presented to the visitors of FOR HORSE Fair by the Sokols from Ranč Sokolí hnízdo (Falcon's nest ranch) in Lukavec with two studs from the Pura Raza Espanola breed of Czech proviniency which we asked to tell us a bit more in the following interview.

When and how did You get to horses?

Neither of us comes from a horse family but both of us used to hang around horses since childhood and then we visited a horse riding group together in SZTŠ in Nový Jičín. After that each of us got a horse of their own and tried to fullfil our dreams. Jirka was a western rider and roamed countryside with his horse while I tried racing. Then life brought us back together and we fell under the spell of Andalusian horses. 

What sort of work do You enjoy the most with horses?

Every minute spend with our horses is full of fun. We always try for our horses to be well rounded and capable partners, we enjoy classic dressage work with saddles or just games without, we love long rides and longer, multiple day trips. The important part is that every piece of work, every activity brings us happiness and that our horses are happy as well.

Where did You found inspiration?

In the beginning in books. The past couple of years we were lucky with some great people who understand horses and know how to transfer their knowledge. After we got our two youg PRE studs, fate sent us a great person Angel Cida Camás who inspires us by his riding profeciency and spanish equestrian tradition and culture. Another person who greatly helped us with undestanding of the human-horse relationship is Fred Bednář who keeps inspiring us during training from the earth and the saddle.

How do You pick Your partners?

Generally, each horse is unique and has his potential. But we just like iberian horses, their temperament, spark, intelligence and sensation.

What successes do you value the most in Your career?

Neither of us goes for an equestrian career. We are happy with each small achievement. One of our classical riding idols, Nuno Oliviera, said, that the art of riding is when a horse and a rider becomes one. That is the pinnacle of our effort.

Do or did You have in Your life a horse that You can truly call Your fateful?

We cannot name one, each horse was or is unique in a way and left a great mark on our hearts.

What did You prepare for our audience of FOR HORSE 2019?

We would want to present the Iberian culture using music, dance and working with horses for every visitor of FOR HORSE.


Michal Bednář - a star of FOR HORSE SHOW

How a boy from a small South Moravian village became a star of a world-class equestrian shows? What is his look at a life with horses and working with them? All that You can read in an interview with Mr. Michal Bednář, a member of the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group and a main star of the Night Horse Show.

When and how did You get to horses?

You could say I was with horses since birth. I come from "a horse fammily", both of my parents were teaching me how to work with these magnificient animals since I was little and both are a great inspiration from me until today. When I reminiscend, I remember one of my first memories being a little bit of a rough ride in a woods on our breeding stallion Tým (2759 Tým, WPBr), which started good, but somehow went astray and I ended up with a broken collar bone. I was five years old.

What sort of work do You enjoy the most with horses?

Just a few years back I would give a straight answer: stunts. It is a form with a lot of adrenalin, you get close to the "edge", testing your capabilities and those of the horse and you will learn the proper technique of falling. This was always a welcomed challenge for me. In the last few years though I have moved further annd now I am fullfiled by "work with a horse without words", where both me and the horse compose one harmonious unit, we listen to each other and our thoughts are connected. It is truly a wonderous feeling.

Where did You found inspiration?

The best inspiration for me are the horses themselves. To watch and learn from them is simply astonishing. Throughout my life I have met many interesting and inspiring people, but I was propably most influenced by Jean Francois Pignon, who with his horses managed to build an incredibly strong relationship, who loves his horses and they are in return willing to fullfil his every wish. The same is my goal.

How do You pick Your partners?

I am unsure if I have any specific criteria for my selecton or even if it is myself who choses the horse. I think it s more a matter of feelin, my own and my horse opposite, which we gain during our first meeting. We just look at each other and immediately know that the other one is the "partner" we were waiting for. Horses are similarily to people very individualistic and I have not met a horse in my life with whom I could not connect and work. 

What successes do you value the most in Your career?

I think I should mention here TROY - THE EPIC HORSE SHOW in China, about the great resoluts in the World Championship in Trick riding in Moscow, my work in Germany or the taping of many interesting movies. But my biggest reward is that I can do what I love the most, that I can give happiness to people during my performances and to fullfil their and my dreams and who know, maybe even inspire someone.


Do or did You have in Your life a horse that You can truly call Your fateful?

For me, every horse I gave a portion of my heart and my life important and I truly cannot pick just one. I would rather say that I had a long line of "fateful" horses. I learned something from each of them and each was my partner and friend.

What did You prepare for our audience of FOR HORSE 2019?

We are part of the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group and on FOR HORSE Fair we will present ourselves both during the daily accompanying program and at the NIGHT SHOW. Our group has a lot of great stuntspeople, who will present the essential stunt work to the audience, but also advanced acrobatics in a manner of difficult trics, such as "Jigitovka" (a style of trick riding originating in Caucausus and South Russian/Ukrainian steppes). Exclusively for the NIGHT SHOW we prepared a show full of action, fights and pyrotechnics, which is in its core a love story about a Thunder Spirit's love with a human woman, which one day falls in danger and he descends from the heavens to protect her. How will the story end? Come and see for yourself on the FOR HORSE Fair. We are looking forward to perform for you.

"Diablo" - a Horse with two faces

The term "dressage" is these days well known to even non-riding public. It indicates one of the basic and essential riding disciplines, which has their exact rules and procedures and which requires specific equipment from both the horse and the rider. Do you think that it is possible to participate in dressage on a Middle and High level even without the prescribed equiment, namely a horse without a saddle or a bridle? Answer will be availibe to all the visitors of this years' FOR HORSE in a performance by a duo Petra Wiktoria Zemanová and Diablo. We asked this dressage rider a couple of questions:


When and how did You get to horses?

I was drawn to horses since I was little, even though I wasn't raised in "a horse family". As many riders I have passed through many clubs and stables, where I usually realized that this is not the road for me.

Where did You found inspiration?

I have met an excellent trainer Míša Nágrová, which showed me the proper beauty of dressage and taught me a lot. Since that moment, I knew which equestrian way I want to go. She taught me important basics and when the time was right, she became my advisor when I got my first horse.

The last four years, I have been cooperating with Angel Cid from Spain, who's courses here in Czech Republic are organized by Veronika Živnová. Every time I go home filled with energy and new inspiration for new work.

But I always try to have my eyes and mind open and to gain inspiration from other sources and to take whats best from every method. 

What sort of work do You enjoy the most with horses?

As I said, it's dressage. It symbolizes partnership, cooperation, a dance of a human and a horse. Rider has to be precies, realizing not only their own, but the horses body as well and to be able to communicate with their partner through the most delicate means.

That is also why it is a great challenge and a goal for me to take classic dressage, but without the saddle and the brine and give the horse an opportunity to lead an open dialog with me.

How do You pick Your partners?

I think my horses picked me than other way around :)

What successes do you value the most in Your career?

I am happy with every little progress that we will achieve with our horse.

Horse racing has never enticed me, but I liked the idea of No brine association, which was founded last year and gives the riders and horses the ability to race without the brine, so we participated in a last years' Czech Championship. First time that we went abroad and joined the international championship without brine, we reached third place. 

Do or did You have in Your life a horse that You can truly call Your fateful?

My life-changing horse was without a doubt my first Frisian mare Rimke de Beleerd. I fell in love with her almost instantly and we had some wanderful moments together. She wasn't easy to handle, but she taught me much and she will be forever my first dream horse.

At this moment I am very lucky to have my little Devil, who is wonderfully hardworking and willing to try every whim I have.

What did You prepare for our audience of FOR HORSE 2019?

The visitors can see Diablo and me in both the daily accompanying program and the Night Horse Show. We will perform a dressage without the saddle and the brine and more examples of free riding.

In a rythm of Fiery Flamenco

Flamenco dance symbolizes a fascinating performance full of passion, tenderness and elefance, but also hate and defiance. It can be a symphony of rythm and pure joy from life, but can also be a well of the deepest melancholy. It is a mix of all of human emotions. A blend of dance and song with a virtuose play on guittar and a surface for a rich history of the Iberian peninsula. 

Flamenco is a integral part of the iberian culture as well as Spanish horses. One cannot be without the other. It is no accident that the rythm of flamenco is in perfect harmony with a rythm of a good step and gallop of a Spanish horse.

Thankfully to the company ASALTEE, visitors to the FOR HORSE Fair can enjoy this unique experience during a joint show by a well-known flamenco dancer Denisa de Gregori, who lately portraited the role of Carmen in Slovakian National theater, and four horses of the Pura Raza Espanola breed, ridden by Veronika Živnová, Eliška Šmedková, Pavla Sokolová and Jiří Sokol. Together, they will interpret the beautiful ambiance of typical Spanish celebration, where women and girls, dressed in colorful dresses with wide flare skirts and with flowers in their hair, dance in the streets and with their joy from life and spontaneity are able to enchant and charm every viewer. We belive that the same experience will grasp our visitors of Fair.

What can be seen in the daily Accompanying Program at For Horse

Every day of the Fair we have prepared a rich Accompayning Program, see more at www.forhorse.cz

  • Horse polo performace
  • Donkies - breed utilitization 
  • ZH Písek a ZH Tlumačov – cold blooded stallions examples - squaredance
  • Petra Zemanová and Diablo - freeriding
  • Paravaulting - Česká hiporehabilitační společnost (Czech Hipporehabilitation Society)
  • Minihorse - jumping
  • Silesian Noriker Mares display - Farma Klokočov (Klokočov Farm)
  • Haraldos Stunt Brothers - trick riding
  • Veronika Živnová, Pura Raza Espanola - 
  • ZH Tlumačov - horse carriage with Moravian Belgians
  • Stáj u Sepíka (Stables at Sepík) - welshpony and their usage
  • Pony Farma (Pony Farm) - haflingers and irish cobs square dancing
  • Shetland pony - using the breed throughout the history
  • Fjordi Stará Paka (Fjord horses Stará Paka) - pushball
  • NOVUS ORIGO - frisian horses performance
  • J. Benářová Smíšková - riding welshponies with kids, natural communication
  • J. Podzemská - Minihorse in a harness
  • David Provazník - examples of western speed competitions
  • Ranč Sokolí hnízdo - DOM VAQUERA
  • Haraldos Stunt Brothers - knight jousting
  • Prague Municipal Police - terrain work 

Haraldos Stunt Brothers Fantasy Show!

Are you drawn by elegance, nobility and beauty of Spanish horses? Do you want to see for yourself the excellent riding and stunt performances in connection to beautiful music and fantastic costumes? Well-known group Haraldos Stunt Brother will present itself in performances during Accompanying program on FOR HORSE Fair and in the grandiose "FANTASY SHOW".

This riding group will celebrate its quarter of the century of existence and belongs to one of the first riding groups in the Czech Republic that started with jousting tournaments. Throughout the years they had collected priceless experience in both home and foreign arenas, their performace could admire viewers all around the world. A large number of fans resides in Germany, where the group presented itself to the public on may prestigious events, including Apassionata. One of their greatest achievements from recent time is without a doubt participation in a world-class riding show "TORY - THE EPIC HORSE SHOW" 2018 in China, where one of the forerunners of the group, Mr. Michal Bednář, performed in a leading role. This show is being considered by Las Vegas. Another great accomplishment of this "brotherhood" was participation in the World Championship of stunt riding in Moscow, where representants from Haraldos based on their fantastic performance ranked amongst the world elite and gained a number of rankings.

The members of the group for their work prefer the horses from the Pura Raza Española (PRE) breed, whose bravery, finess, excelent motion and natural balance, not to mention their looks,  makes them ideal horses for shows. Some of them even became famous film stars. They acted in hollywood production movies: A Knight's Tale, Narnia, Knight Fall or Medieval (2019). Czech movie creators have also starred them in movies like Báthory, Crown Prince (Korunní princ), Musicians (Muzikanti) and many more. 

Members of the Haraldos Stunt Brothers group will present themselves during the fours days of FOR HORSE Fair multiple times, but the biggest part will be during the Night Horse Show. Their performance is a beautiful combination of artistry and sports. You can convince yourselves at Friday the 5th of April 2019 and Saturday the 6th of April 2019, starting at 19:30. Don't miss this magnificient spectacle!

Ride of the Kings will kickstart the FOR HORSE SHOW

Who can become the so-called "pentecost king"? Why is the king dressed in women clothes, his face covered ribbons and has a rose in his mouth? What purpose has his retinue? Where does this tradition originates? These questions and many more will be answered during this years' FOR HORSE Fair, where this traditional folk custom exclusively presented to the public by Kunovice banderium.

Visitors can look forward to a specific dress of the horses, which is tied to this tradition, and which differs by the location of the ride of the kings and by the position in the banderium. This ornamentation is composed by a large number of paper roses, fringes, ribbons, bows, hearts and coins. Their creation takes a lot of time and handy women hands. Separate decorations are then weaved into horse tails and manes, their bridles and halters, or they are intertwined in large portions, which are fasten on a turkish scarf and cover the hips and the entire back of the horse. Part of the decorations of each horse in banderium is also a large ribbon heart, which horse carries on its breast. 

Kunovice banderium will present this old moravian slovakian custom in which apart from the king himself, you will see bannercarrier, crier - collector in traditional dress from Kunovice in saddles of Czech-Moravian Belgian horses. Part of the banderium will also be a two-horse carrige of breeding stallions of Czech-Moravian Belgian breed from Zemský hřebčín Tlumačov (Czech stud farm Tlumačov) - Amazon and Santys - which will have the honor of carrying the king and his parents.


The task of the criers is to reach out by rhyming to anyone that banderium visits and ask them for a gift for the king and his retinue. For every gift, there is thanks to every inhabitant of the house and usually a wish of all good to them.

Ride of the kings is such a unique regional tradition that it in November 2011 it was added on the list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. 

The Ride of the Kings is without a doubt one of the few beautiful traditions that are hidden under a veil of mystery and secrets. No one can undoubtedly say why the ritual of initiation of boys into men actually begun, it is important however for it to be perserved in authentic form for future generations. Under normal circumstances, the Ride of the kings could only be observed in a handful of towns and villages in Moravian Slovakia and Haná. Now, you have the opportunity to get to know this ancient traidition either alive or in Prague during the Night Horse Show or through the photo exhibition of Mr. Ing. Dalibor Gregor, which will too be a part of the Fair. Kunovice banderium is looking forward to meeting you.

Hana Vašáryová and Filipa

 Hana Vašáryová will perform with her awsome ten-years-old hare Filipa. Hana Vašáryová had won the Czech Championship three times, the Czech Dressage Cup three timers had became the Rider of the Year thrice and became the overall winner of the Pavo Riding Cup.

Haraldos Stunt Brothers - promo

Haraldos Stunt Brothers - promo

Ride of the Kings - video

Flamenco by Veronika Živnová

Ticket sale for FOR HORSE SHOW

Western by David Provazník

Western riding presented by David Provazník with his horse Star Go To Impress, who is headstrong but always good and calm companion that loves his master.

David is a multiple winner of Stake race and Key hole race on European Championship Appaloosa 2017 and 2018.

Para-vaulting at FOR HORSE SHOW

Equestrian para-vaulting, acrobatics on horseback, is in essentials identical with vaulting but it is specially modified for people with health or mental handicap. Para-vaulter performes gymnastics on a bareback horse, either alone, in couples or in groups.

In para-vaulting performances of the Czech hipporehabilitation society (Česká hiporehabilitační společnost) you will see the cold-blooded horses in a ring. The cold-bloods may not as appealing, but they are gentle, patient and helpful, especially toward children. Their step is distinct but comfortable, their wide enough back gives the feeling of comfort and safety. 




Veronika Živnová and Sarmiento

MVDr. Veronika Živnová has been working with Spanish horses for a number of years. She had the opportunity to get to know them and to work with them in Italy, where she had ridden and  presented them at horse shows in Verona, Milan and Rome. She also collaborates with the Royal school in Jerez, which is a world-class riding school. She promotes iberian culture in connections with horses and flamengo.

Petra Zemanová and Diablo

Petra Wiktoria Zemanová loves horses since early childhood. Her first horse was a friesia mare Rimke de Beleerd from Netherlands. After a couple of years, she crossed paths with Diablo, with whom she started to devote more time to racing and High School Dressage. Her goal is to continually educate herself in horseriding and to move further in Classical Dressage and Bareback riding.

On FOR HORSE SHOW, Petra Zemanova and Diablo will present the examples of Classical dressage and Bareback riding.